I want change

All over New Zealand communities are taking ownership of reducing and preventing family violence.

Family violence happens in homes, in neighbourhoods and in communities. Crisis services such as Police and social services which support victims and perpetrators usually get involved after violence has happened.

So communities have a significant role to play in preventing violence and making it not OK, just as they have with smoking and drink driving.

Communities can bring family violence out into the open through media campaigns, billboards, posters, street events, signs on buses.

Neighbourhoods can take a stand and make family violence not OK.

Families can declare themselves violence-free.

Adults can look out for and protect children in their neighbourhood and community.  They can support parents to keep children safe. 

Here's what the people of Paeroa are doing, using local champions to spread a message of non-violence and offer help to those in need: 

If you want to discuss your ideas for a local project contact the team by email areyouok@msd.govt.nz or phone 04 916 3300 and ask for the It's not OK Campaign team.

Download and print off is this planning tool: Its not OK Community Change Project poster 1 [PDF 61 KB]