Messages about family violence for the workplace

• Family violence is not just physical abuse. It is the abuse of power in a personal or intimate relationship. It takes many different forms including physical, psychological, sexual, financial or spiritual.

• It’s not always easy to tell who is living with abuse. Family violence perpetrators and victims come from all socioeconomic groups, all ages, and all cultures. Family violence can affect a person at home and at work.

• Psychological or emotional abuse of a family member can include threats to hurt them, undermining or bullying them, using their children against them, insults, constant criticisms and put-downs, and damaging their belongings.

Messages to Individuals

• If you support your colleagues you can make difference

• It’s OK to ask for help if you don’t know how to support a colleague who may be a victim of family violence.

• Our workplace supports the “Are you OK? campaign”

• All forms of abuse are wrong

The Three Rs: Recognise signs that an employee is experiencing family violence, Respond with support and check in about their immediate safety, Refer to internal or external support

Speak up for a child: if you are worried about the safety of a child, and don't want to give your name you can phone 0508 FAMILY to discuss your concerns and options.


  Messages about FV [PDF 231 KB]