Workplace Safety Plan

Supporting an employee experiencing family violence –
Workplace Safety Plan

One way of helping to ensure the safety of any employee who is the victim of family violence is by having a workplace safety plan. This plan includes practical steps that take into account the needs of the victim and your business to ensure everyone’s safety.

When developing the workplace safety plan, the parties should consider what changes, if any, could be made in the workplace to make the employee safer. Consideration must also be given to the potential risk of physical harm to other employees and/or customers. It is essential to take reasonable measures to provide protection for them as well where necessary.

For example:
• If possible make a car park available close to the entrance of building and arrange an escort to/from their car.
• Change their extension phone number and remove their name and number from automated phone directories.
• Relocate their workspace to a more secure area – ie further away from entrance.
• Provide blinds at windows near their workspace.
• Provide a photo of the perpetrator to reception staff and/or Security, with instructions on what to do if the perpetrator is seen in or around the workplace.
• Provide employees with access to Family Violence Support Services such as women's refuge to assist the employee address their situation at work and home.

A workplace safety plan should be developed in consultation with the affected employee, as this person will know better than anyone else what the perpetrator is likely to do and what the risks and dangers are. Ideally, the workplace safety plan should also be developed in consultation with a specialist family violence service.