Workplace Champions

What can you do?

A workplace champion is anyone wanting to help raise awareness, and increase understanding and action in the workplace about family violence. They could be managers, union delegates, health and safety representatives or other staff with roles that influence the workplace being a supportive environment. It is useful to have management support for your plans.

Some things you could do include:

Raise Awareness

  • Put It's not OK campaign posters and leaflets around the workplace, including staff rooms and bathrooms.
  • Invite speakers to talk about family violence, positive parenting and healthy relationships.
  • Build family violence prevention messages into family-friendly events and projects.
  • Include information about family violence and where to get help in your newsletters.
  • Link your websites, Facebook and emails with the It’s not OK family violence information.

 Increase understanding and action

  • Organise family violence awareness training for staff.
  • Use meetings to talk about how people can help each other if they know or suspect that a workmate is experiencing family violence.
  • Support some people to become family violence prevention champions, so they can lead change in their area.
  • Connect with your local family violence network or services to get involved in their local family violence prevention activities and access training. See the Family Services Directory for contacts.

 Develop policies

  • Advocate for clauses relating to support for victims to be included in employment contracts.
  • Advocate for workplaces to have policies around what to do if someone knows or suspects abuse is happening (linked to Health and Safety and /or Staff Wellbeing policies.)
  • Help ensure workplaces have contact people who have training in responding to family violence and harassment; ensure Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providers are Family Violence trained.

Resources and links

Business toolkit

Business posters

Business leaflet

  Sample policies [PDF 81 KB]

Download the Supporting Staff Booklet [PDF 535 KB]

How can you help?

Messages about FV

Workplace Safety Plan

Videos and resources on North Harbour Business Association website

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