Rugby Club campaign helps change in community - 29 January 2016

There has been a change in the culture at Clifton Rugby Club in Waitara since the club established a partnership with It’s not OK in 2015.

The It’s not OK project at the club aims to increase members’ understanding of family violence and show that family violence is not OK at Clifton Rugby Club.

Club spokesperson Brad Cooper said there are already positive changes at the club.

“Quite a few of the Waitara League boys who have young kids have said to me that they are bringing their kids to Clifton next year and they themselves will be up too because of the positive environment they witnessed on our family day!

“Also I have had a lot of the young boys’ parents compliment us on the campaign and how great it is that we are highlighting an issue in the community that is so often just covered up or not spoken about. They have already seen players’ and members’ attitudes to violence change.

“One kid who ‘loves a scrap’ walked away from one in town because he had met and talked to It’s not OK speaker Vic Tamati on our family day about our campaign and he said to me he thought about how his negative actions in town and any bad publicity will not look good for us as a club. I was blown away!”

It’s not OK has many partnerships in the sports sector.  It has proved a valuable and successful way to influence people’s attitudes and behaviour towards family violence.

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