Faith communities

Faith groups can play a significant role in preventing family violence in their communities.

A street survey in Whanganui showed that one in 10 people would go to their faith leader if they were experiencing family violence. It’s important that leaders know how to respond when they are asked for help.

Faith leaders can show leadership in making a stand against family violence by:

  • including messages in teachings and newsletters
  • making it OK to talk about it
  • offering safe help or knowing where to get help
  • organising training for staff and helpers
  • joining local prevention campaigns
  • displaying resources.

It’s not OK has partnered with faith communities in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay and Aoraki (Timaru/Oamaru) among others.

In this video, Roger and Sue Wilks from Te Puke, talk about their role as champions for their local It's not OK Campaign and its fit with being church pastors.

Sue and Roger Wilks


For more information contact the It's not OK Campaign team:

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