Migrant communities

Family violence can affect anyone, in any community. It is important we nurture our own cultural identities, but it is not OK to use our culture as an excuse for violence in our families.

Change in your community

If we are to stop family violence, we all need to take action – including making it OK to talk about it. We need community and faith leaders of all cultures to lead the way. While each community knows what will work for them, here are some ideas...

You can:

  • Collect information and resources about family violence and distribute it
  • Ask men to speak out against family violence
  • Invite someone from a family violence agency to speak to your group
  • Ask for training on how to help someone affected by family violence
  • Put information in your newsletters or on your community noticeboard
  • Have a “safer families” stall at a family fun day or open day with information about family violence and the support available.

Culture is no excuse for abuse

Here are some things people say to excuse violence:

  • "You have brought shame on our family."
  • "Young people should obey their elders."
  • "You are too much like a New Zealander."
  • "You must respect the old ways."

Wherever family violence happens, people have found ways to excuse it. But family violence is not OK in any culture.

Contact the It's not OK Campaign team to find out more: areyouok@msd.govt.nz

Resources in English and other languages available free from this website:

The 'Culture - no excuse for abuse' booklet is available in English, Farsi, Arabic, Traditional Chinese,  Korean, Punjabi, and Hindi.

The mini-booklet 'It is ok to ask for help" is available in English, Samoan, Cook Islands Māori, and Tongan.

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