What should I think about?


Never put the victim’s or your own safety at risk.

If someone is in danger, or you think someone could be harmed call Police on 111.

If you want to talk to your friend or family member about the violence, it's best to pick a quiet time - not when the violence is happening.

Adults living with violence need support to make decisions in their own time when they are ready. It's important to go at their pace.

If children are being hurt they need safe adults to step in and take charge of their safety. They need to be able to tell adults they can trust what is happening to them.

“I remember a neighbour was looking over the fence when I was getting a hiding and didn't do anything. And I'm thinking - are you serious? They said afterwards 'I just didn't know what to do.' I wanted them to ring the cops, yell and scream because then [the cops arriving] wouldn't have been my fault.” (Victim)

“You need people that are real and not going to lie to you. People that are truly there for all the right reasons, not because they're paid to. Not because they have to but because they want to, not because of your past or your reputation or the drugs or money or things you can get for them but because they truly want to see you succeed.” (Perpetrator)