Personal stories

The campaign is helping people talk openly about family violence so that it is no longer a private issue, hidden away out of view and never raised for discussion.

The phrase "It's not OK" has become part of our everyday language in that many people understand that it's referring to family violence.  This has made it easier for people to start a conversation about what's happening; how they can get help or offer support.

We know that more people are taking action when they know someone who is experiencing violence, whether they are a friend, family member, workmate or neighbour.

We receive many stories from people who have changed their lives and now live violence-free. Sharing those stories provides inspiration and hope for others.

In this section:

  • You can read Stories of hope and change that may give you or someone you know the inspiration to find help.
  • You can read questions sent in to Vic or Jude who have both lived and dealt with violence in their lives. These questions may help you or someone you know to understand violence is not ok and that there are people who can help.

Family violence thrives in secrecy. The sooner you reach out to someone who is living with violence, whether they are the victim or perpetrator, the sooner they can get help.