Ask Jude

Jude Simpson is a survivor of family violence.  She experienced abuse as a child from the age of 9 and subsequently became caught up in a cycle of domestic violence, substance abuse and crime.

For 28 years she lived in violent and abusive relationships, was a member of both the Mongrel Mob and Highway 61 gangs and had four children to four different partners.

In her thirties Jude sought help and turned her life around. She is now a living example that change is possible and that people can break the cycle of violence.

She is committed to helping others to live free of violence.

Here Jude responds to questions about family violence, sent in by real people.

This behaviour's ruining us

He will find a reason to take it out on me, he emotionally abuses me, calls me names, accuses me of cheating.

Is violence a cultural matter?

My husband screamed really loudly at us. Me, my three year old and five month old, because the oldest didn't stop crying.

I am scared to talk about it

I am writing in for myself, I have been scared to ask for anything or talk about it but I think I have to now.

She deserves to be happy

My sister is in a physical and emotional abusive relationship with her husband who suffers from a mental illness