Not all violence is physical

My violence isn't physical, it's verbal, emotional, and I need help to learn to control it.


Thank you for writing in.

All violence is violence no matter what form it is, and it is not OK.

There is a lot of information on our website that can help, but it would be great if you could ring our information line on 0800 456 450 and find the contact details of a stopping violence programme in your area, check it out and see how you can join it.

Joining a group at a good stopping violence programme and hearing other people's experience really does help.

It also helps if you join a stopping violence programme/course of your own accord because you really want that help and advice to keep yourself safe.

By joining a group of other people that are going through the same issues, allows you to get the awareness and education around family violence by uncovering your personal history and journey, discovering the tools and skills of communication to help you and then beginning the journey of recovering from it all.

Your life will change during this journey.

This journey of enlightenment will take a while, a minimum of three years, if you're addressing the issues full time, 24/7, but the hardest part of this journey you have already conquered is talking about it with someone.

I am only too happy to be available at the end of the email to communicate with you.


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