I've got anger problems

Hi Vic, so I've got some anger problems that I need to get under control. I have thought about my future a lot lately and it's looking bleak if I can't sort myself out.


Hey thank you for writing in wanting to get yourself sorted.

The best way to get it sorted is to ring our information line on 0800 456 450 and get the contact details for the local anger management/stopping violence programme.

Make contact with them and ask if you can join the next intake.

My friend you emailed in for help, this is the next best step in the journey to help yourself.

On these programmes you will get to understand where the anger comes from, why you have it and they will show you the tools and skills to understand it and keep it under control.

My friend it really is as easy as that and we can stay in touch through the website.

Don't wait any longer to get free from the anger problem.

It took me 38 years before I checked into the stopping violence in 1992. I really wish I had checked in earlier when I was a younger. I know that my life would've been so much better being violence free.

My anger and violence that came from my childhood gave me my beliefs of what a man was. It was all I knew and became my beliefs on how to deal with every situation.

I would get angry and violent with everyone cos that was what was done to me.

All that meant was that I got into trouble all the time.

It wasn't till I got to the stopping violence programme that I began to understand that I didn't know how to handle getting angry or frustrated and that anger was an ok emotion but perpetrating violence on people including my family wasn't.

As I began to accept and put into practice the tools and skills from the stopping violence programme, the more I began to realise that there are other ways of dealing with situations.
I want you to be a safe man.

I'm here to ride with you on this journey.

Stay in touch on our website.

Always here my friend.


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