A Child with No Voice - 10 December 2010

"I am not one to ask or say too much, instead I will wait for others to see I want to talk or start to talk softly until some one notices that I want to talk.

"I often do things myself to avoid having to ask.

"Sometimes I will run things over in my head lots before I say it.

"I have found myself at times avoiding talking, almost fearing I am going to say the wrong thing, also at times I am worrying about what other people are thinking or will think of me.

"There are things that I think have done this to me. My Dad was a very powerful, violent man, I did not think it was violence as he never hit us.

"I was always in fear of saying the wrong things and getting lectured by Dad or putting him in a bad mood; getting ignored by him, not being included in conversations.

"Dad was a man of few words but was always right.

"Both parents worked long hours or were at meetings.

"I was always trying to fit in."


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