Are You OK Weekend with Vic Tamati - 15 December 2009


1) I was at the boxing where my brother was fighting, a woman behind us in the queue asked if I was the guy on the ad. I asked her, what ad is that and she said the one with the guy with the tattoo, and asked is that you. I told her that it was me and she wanted to see the tattoo.

2) I went to a gig in Auckland. Just as we got into the venue, a young male came up to me and asked directly ‘can I see the tattoo'? I showed him, he thanked me and congratulated me.

3) At the end of the night, our party drove to the centre of town to get food. I walked up to the counter to order and the guy serving us kept looking over the counter towards the ground, I asked him if he was ok, he said he was looking for the tattoo. He said, you're the guy on the ad with the tattoo on your hand. I said yeah mate. He said I thought it was you as soon as I saw you.

4) While we were waiting for our order, another young male came over and we started chatting, during the chat he said I wanted to come over and say hallo and say that you're a brave man for doing the ad, he wished us a good night and went back to his group of friends.


5) I went to meet an old friend. While we were catching up a young Samoan woman came over to talk to my friend, then said to me, you're the guy on TV eh, on that ad, I introduced myself and she introduced herself and said that its a good thing that I was doing and keep it up and then left.

That was my 'Are You OK' weekend.


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