Counselling Works! - 19 December 2013

My story began when my 16 year old son took his own life. Our family was devastated. He had two younger siblings and one on the way. After that my husband and I started arguing and fighting a lot. We ended up yelling and the girls — we forgot they were there. 

My eldest daughter was having a rough time at school, getting teased about her brother and not being "cool" enough but we didn't know — she had only started college that year and we thought we were doing the best we could for her. 

With all the arguing I became stressed and being pregnant didn't help. All my husband and I would do is argue. The day came when our little princess was born but he wasn't there, he said it was over, he was sick of fighting. 

I did everything I could to have him with me and at last he said OK. But the worst was still to come. We found out my eldest daughter had been self harming all through this. I was devastated. I thought she was happy but I was wrong.

We ended up getting counselling for her and my husband and it worked! Life is back on track we are happy. 

Family violence doesn't just hurt you and your hubby it hurts your children.


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