Don’t put up with it Ladies - 3 December 2013

I was 16 years old when my story of abusive relationships began. 

I met a 23 year old guy, we thought it was love and had a baby. At that time it wasn't unusual for women to be beaten by their partners and it was just ignored, not frowned upon. Nobody ever intervened, otherwise they got it too. 

We lived in a little rural community. Every payday there was a party, every weekend more parties and during or after every party women were given a hiding. A lot of time it was no fault of their own. 

I endured this abuse for 21 years, with various partners, fathers to my children. Each of them leaving me for my friends and I continued as a solo mum meeting another violent partner as the years went on. 

Today I have ended the abuse after the White Ribbon parade here in Northland. I thought, no more. I do not want to take this brainwashing lifestyle anymore. I feel free for once in my life and I have a voice.

Don't put up with it ladies, we deserve better and so do our tamariki. 

Kia Kaha Tonu.


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