For you and me - 28 July 2016

For you and me. Xxx

This day last year I made a conscious decision to forever leave a situation that was changing me for the worst. The medicine I took for this leap was "travel" and I took off alone not knowing where or how but I knew why, I had to change.
I looked outside for answers and healing and the steps I took on unknown land with my faith had returned me home, "within ". This took courage.
A year has gone by and so much has changed - I've learned so much especially the importance of knowing your worth and loving yourself deeply. It is still a journey I am on and thoroughly enjoying it. I am saying this aloud because I know we all the capacity, strength and guidance to change and to be truthfully happy and to truly enjoy our journey here.
My life now is surrounded by love, gratitude, positive people and a knowing of me.
I am happy and congratulating myself. ☺☺☺

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