Ihaka - 19 November 2009

Ihaka came to us as a result of ringing the 0800 number he saw on television and being referred to us by the helpline. Ihaka has been a P user and still abuses alcohol.  He had not experienced violence before, and carries deep shame about his violence towards his partner and in front of their children.  The ads had a strong emotional impact on Ihaka and his family.

Ihaka said “I felt it was me up there on the screen.  What they used to do, that is what I do.  It’s not ok, what I do to Moana and the children.  The kids would look at me and then the ad. I feel like a monster, the effects on them. It said, “It’s okay, we can help you” so I wrote the number down.  Those ads, it brings tears to my eyes.  And I know, if they did it, I can too.”


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