Joe - 17 November 2009

Joe came to us as a direct result of the It's not OK ads on television — he wanted to change. He was highly motivated and took on a lot of information very quickly.

Joe felt that his behaviour didn't fit with his values — he knew he was intelligent and he thought he should be able to be in a healthy relationship, it upset him that he was verbally abusive and ‘nasty' to his partner. It seemed incongruent to him.

The ad gave him an opportunity to do something and a number to ring. He particularly identified with the man on the ad who talked about ‘regret', who talked about yelling at his partner but wanting to be different.

Joe resorted to verbal violence about once every six months, not daily or weekly, and he felt remorseful afterwards, but the remorse wasn't enough to change his behaviour. The words ‘It's not OK" had a strong impact on him.


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