Life Beyond Abuse - 12 October 2012

I was living with my mother and two younger brothers. My dad passed away 10 years ago this year. I had grown up with abuse all my life but after my dad passed away it got very intense.

My mother would start on me every morning, then when she got home from wherever she had been. If she was not there my brothers would abuse me. I remember every argument my brother would have between my mother and them, somehow it would turn around to what I had done even if I didn't have anything to do with the argument in the first place. Even if I did everything right somehow I would get abused.

I have a mobility impairment and I would get all my money taken off me. No personal support from outside the home. My mum would give me cold showers basically every day as punishment for things I did/didn't do, including getting the wrong groceries. It was my responsibility to pay with my money and whatever was left over my mother expected me to pass it to her.

I had lost contact with the outside world and my friends. I was not allowed a cellphone. I attempted to run away plenty of times! The police would speak to my mother and believe her over me. It was the same with the disability support services.

I endured this for three and a half years. It wasn't until my uncle stepped in that everyone realised it was true! I ran away for the final time to stay to a safe place. I lived there for a year and I began to live a new me, bright and happy with a positive outlook on life with counselling, gym and Outward Bound for my 21st birthday!


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