Overcoming a Hard Upbringing - 29 August 2012

Ever since the age of 6-8 months I have been in Child Youth and Family care. I have had more than 20 placements and over 21 caregivers.

Most of my family have pushed me away out of their life because they just have something against me from my Nan. My Nan passed away in the year 2000.

I've grown up not knowing my parents; I hardly know my brothers or sisters. I've been sexually abused, mentally and physically abused. I have ADHD which I just found out, which has helped me, and I also have attachment disorder which I find hard to cope with.

I was also born prem and I was in hospital with a chest infection. People call me the 'miracle baby'. I have had a hard upbringing; but I've learnt to control that.

This is my story.


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