See the Signs - Call 111 - 18 September 2012

In 2009 I met a guy who was perfect in every way. I was truly in love and yep, as the cliché says, love is definitely blind. After two months of dating, the guy became increasingly protective and questioned my every move. That was the first sign; however, I told myself that he is just scared to lose me.

Not long after that he refused to let me go to University, see my friends or leave my house without telling him. That was the second sign. I was a prisoner in my own house.

After that the emotional abuse started. ‘You are not good enough', ‘no guy would want you', ‘you are ugly'. Those phrases were stuck in my head and soon enough I believed every word he said. That was the third sign.

What made me stay with him you may ask? Pure fear of what he might do when I leave. The first time he hit me wasn't a shock, I expected it. First it was a couple of bruises on my arms and legs. It then escalated to a bruised collarbone and several bruises on my ribs. I was threatened with a glass bottle and scissors to my throat.

I'd had enough I told myself. Tylenol was my only way out. After drinking over 65 tablets I started to feel sleepy and knew that if I do not act fast I might not ever wake-up again. My mum phoned the ambulance and in no time I was in hospital.

This should have been my final sign to leave. It only got worse. I picked him up from a party one night; he was drunk and looking to cause a fight. While I was driving us home he was hitting me in my face and telling me that he will finish me off at home. He said that if he was to kill me tonight, my parents would only start looking for me in the morning, enough time for him to get away.

I was paralyzed in fear. I knew I had to make a plan; I need to get away from him. I decided to go to the nearest gas station and ask for help. Just as I parked my car three police officers parked next to me. This was my last chance. My ex boyfriend got arrested that night and remained in jail for three months. He got charged with male assaults female and intent to injure.

It has been three years since the last court case. I still think back to what happened on a daily basis but I thank God that I am still alive. I am still scared that he may one day show up on my doorstep but now I have the courage and strength to do what I should have done the day it all started. Call 111.


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