Take the Step to Speak Up - 20 March 2013

Growing up in my family wasn't easy. I was the eldest child and never fitted into my family. My mum loved her dogs and spent so long with them that neglect started to come into place.

I have memories and scars I have to live with for the rest of my life. I didn't tell anyone till I was 18, when I found someone who was willing to listen. However, during school I got some help from a counsellor who specialised in sexual and physical abuse. She made me realise all the destruction I had been through — self-harming, lots of sexual partners, pushing everyone away — was just a coping mechanism for everything that happened. Just by opening up an amazing path of healing started. 

I was living for so long in denial that anything had happened and just lived with the fact that it was all my fault. It lead to self-image issues, harmful thoughts and caused me to treat people the way I had been treated. Just seven weeks on from opening up I have realised this is not the path that I want to take and that there is more to life then abuse.

Family violence can happen to anyone so please take the step to speak up. One month before my 19th birthday and this is my story.


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