Violence stops here! - 7 October 2011

I remember meeting Mum's partner in 2004, let's call him *Beau. Everything started off sweet for the first year, until he got into the drinking and going to the pub. Mum and Beau fought all the time over everything and anything. Every time Beau would talk to *Kelsey about their son *Dylan, Mum would get jealous, Beau would go to the pub and come home drunk and get violent. He'd never hit us, Mum and I.

One day Mum cheated on Beau and he found out and he kicked Mum and me out of the house, we had to find another house to live in. They got back together three months later. It happened again a year later. A slight thing I done wrong I'd get hit. One time I got strangled by Beau and I ran away to my mate's house and her mum called the police, Beau never touched me again after that.

Six years later mum encouraged Beau to get alcohol counselling and he is now on his way to recovery. He's learnt that any kind of violence is not OK! Sadly Mum and Beau aren't together anymore but we still keep in contact.

I encourage you all to share your story and put a stop to family violence. Do anything to stop it. Make posters and put them around town, school, on your front door "Violence stops here!"

Please, please do stop, violence leaves scars — physical and mental scars — screw up a piece of paper and straighten it out, the creases are still there aren't they? That is what a child or a family member is feeling like inside, broken and weak. You can't take the creases out of that bit of paper that's what violence does to children and precious family members. (Beau, Kelsey and Dylan are false names to protect the family's privacy)


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