Champions Campaigns - 2 March 2016

Champions campaigns are fronted by everyday people representing different groups or populations within a community.

They have proved to be highly successful for reducing family violence and encouraging people to ask for help early.

Currently local champions campaigns are running all over New Zealand, changing how people think about and react to family violence happening in their neighbourhood, workplaces, sports clubs and faith communities.

Have a look at this resource: Champions Guidelines toolkit [PDF 5.3 MB]

It is designed to guide and support communities wanting to develop a local It’s not OK Champions Campaign. Feel free to download it.

Alongside the toolkit you can watch a video of interviews we did with community champions. They talk about how rewarding it is to be a champion and how they have helped people who recognised them.

If your community or organisation would like to talk with the It’s not OK team about starting a champions project, please get in touch by emailing

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