It’s not OK in Sign Language - 13 May 2013

The It's not OK campaign is celebrating New Zealand Sign Language Week (13–19 May) by launching a series of Campaign messages to the Deaf community.

Three messages have been signed:

It's OK to Help


It's OK to ask for Help


Keeping Children Safe


New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is unique to New Zealand and is one of our official languages, with more than 24,000 people using it daily.

For many Deaf people, NZSL is their first language. It is a true language, incorporating a wide array of movements and gestures, rather than just being a translation or spelling out of English words.

It's not OK is looking at how its resources and communications can be accessible to all New Zealanders, and will continue to work with Deaf Radio around NZSL accessibility.

We are also working with Disability and Domestic Violence (DVD) to develop NZSL and easy read versions of the resource Domestic Violence and Disabled People.



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