NZ's Shocking Statistics - 11 December 2015

Check out this new It’s not OK poster showing New Zealand’s shocking family violence statistics.

These statistics show that with the high prevalence of family violence in New Zealand we all know someone who is or has been affected by violence in the home at some time in their lives.

This means we can all be part of preventing it.

At It’s not OK we’ve found sharing statistics is a good way to engage people or organisations in family violence prevention – once people realise how much family violence happens, they are more motivated to get involved in stopping it.

Please share this poster "The True Picture" – put it up at work, at your sports club, faith community or other places you go.  Share it on social media too and be part of reducing violence in your community and networks.

Also see our Statistics page for more statistics and sources.

The 12 individual statistic tiles can each be downloaded from our resources section. Search for "Statistic Tile..."

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